Who Is Roy Captain?

Buying a home is one of the single most important decisions that you can make in your whole life. Choosing the right Realtor can be hard to do and is equally as important. The Realtor needs to have your best interests at heart. 

A persons bio should tell you who that person is.... should tell you why you should pick them.


Business-Minded, People-Focused

Roy Captain brings 30+ years of business acumen to the table. He spent decades, globally, as a senior executive in the aviation and hospitality industries uncovering great opportunities and negotiating stellar deals, experience he now applies to his real estate business. He’s worked for global brands and owned small businesses. As a result, he relates to the challenges facing enterprises of all sizes and also has a savvy skillset in relationship-building, strategy and leadership.

Long-term Community Involvement

Since moving to Redmond in 2005, Roy has immersed himself in the community and participated in every possible way he could. He put his decades-long career on hold to raise his two young daughters and support his wife as she excelled in her profession. As such, he served in every role from school drop-off attendant to classroom volunteer to 3-term President of the PTSA and Golden Acorn winner. With his elementary school being 1 mile from the Microsoft campus, he became the “go to” guy to assist with the school’s heavily international population’s needs in learning the ropes in a new school (much less a new country!). It extended to assisting with nearly every single school event, giving feedback on the School District’s curriculum and future growth plans (as a Facilities Task Force member), while also serving as an Area Vice President for Lake Washington School District PTSA Council.

Redmond Planning Commission

With great pride and focus, Roy has served on Redmond’s Planning Commission for 2 years and he is currently the Vice-Chair. His experience on the commission gives him a rare perspective on the community and city functions. He has weighed in on important issues including homeless encampments, retail marijuana locations, plus parks and recreation plans.

Diversity Representation

By some reports, since 1990 the Asian Indian population in King County has tripled every decade. Redmond, in particular, faces unique opportunities and challenges of this soaring immigrant population. Roy also immigrated to the Pacific Northwest from India in the 1980s and has lived in Redmond for nearly 12 years. One of Roy’s proudest accomplishments as a U.S. citizen has been helping to bridge the divide between existing society and the growing international population. There are few who can speak to multiple populations with the familiarity and care that Roy does.

The Surname of a Superhero…

But who is Roy Captain, the person? It matters because our local leaders should also be good people. Roy is one of those rare humans who makes everyone feel heard and important – because to him, they are. He’s the guy who stops to help push a car stuck in the snow. He’s the guy who knows everyone at his favorite local coffee shop. He’s the guy who introduces himself to new families in the neighborhood. He’s the guy who holds the door with a smile as you pass through